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Educator of Excellence Award and Recipients

Educator of Excellence Award

The Educator of Excellence Award for Post-Secondary Educators, formerly known as the Teacher of Excellence Award, recognizes educators at the community college, college, and university level who have demonstrated excellence in language teaching, active participation in SCOLT, and leadership and advocacy at the local, state, and/or regional or national level. The nominating documents for this award include a letter of nomination, a statement from nominee of acceptance of nomination (paragraph), a CV/Resume, and two letters of support. To nominate a colleague, please email your letter of recommendation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and do not forget to inlcude the nominee's email.

Click here to complete the nominee documentation for the 2018 Educator of Exellence. Deadline for applications is January 15, 2018.

Former winners include:

Educator of Excellence - Post-secondary

2017 Bobby Hobgood

2016 ---

2015 Sabine Smith

2014 Mary Sue Barry

2013 Krista Chambless

2012 Aurora Fiengo-Varn

2011 Horst Kurz

2010 Ellen L. Friedrich

2009 Charles Moore

2008 Susan Navey-Davis and Jana Sandarg

2007 Richard La Fleur

2006 —

2005 David Alley and Patricia Carlin

2004 Mary Lynn Redmond

2003 Carmen C. Tesser

2002 Carol Saunders

2001 Dominique Linchet

2000 Judith H. Cox

1999 Sheri Spaine Long

1998 Anne Fountain

1997 Richard W. Thames

1996 Genelle Morain

1995 Carine Feyten and David Hill

1994 Paula Heusinkveld

1993 —

From 1993 until 2011, Awards were presented for the K-12 level as well. Since 2012, K-12 educators of excellence have been encouraged to participate in the state and regional Teacher of the Year competition to highlight their achievements.


Teacher of Excellence Award–K-12

2011 Tammy Tobin

2010 Sarah Loach Meister

2009 Alisha Dawn Samples

2008 —

2007 Mirella Hodges

2006 Melyn Roberson

2005 Lynn Fulton-Archer

2004 Louis P. Lillard

2003 Caroline Weathers Miklosovic

2002 Linda Paragone

2001 Luana Coleman

2000 Robin C. Snyder

1999 Peggy Bilbro

1998 Janene Sullivan

1997 George Ann Parker

1996 Pat Honea Nix

1995 Helga Howard Wilmoth

1994 Mary McGehee

1993 Kathy White and Richard Beaton