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Previous Conferences


Year City State Conference Theme President/Chair
2017 Orlando FL Languages: Your Global Fast Pass

Linda Markley, FL

2016 Charlotte NC New Levels, No Limits

Carol Anne Costabile-Heming, TX

2015 Atlanta GA All That Glitters is SCOLT: 50 Years of Language Teaching and Learning

Linda Zins-Adams, OH

2014 Memphis TN Uniting the Corps / Uniting the Core

June C.D. Carter, SC

2013 Birmingham AL World Language Learning: Setting the Global Standard

Caroline Switzer Kelly, NC

2012 Atlanta  GA World Languages: Learners Wanted

Vernon LaCour, MS

2011 Baton Rouge LA  Got Languages? Powerful Skills for the 21st Century Kenneth Gordon, SC
2010 Winton-Salem NC  Communication Beyond the Classroom  Nancy Decker, FL 
2009 Atlanta GA   Empowerment through Collaboration Lynn Fulton-Archer, SC 
2008 Myrtle Beach  SC  Languages for the Nation  Norah Jones, VA 
2007 Atlanta  GA  Languages: From Practice to Profession  Jim Chesnut, GA 
2006 Orlando  FL  Languages for Today's World  Carol Wilkerson, TN 
2005 Charlotte  NC  Many Languages, Many Learners, One World  Sue Barry, AL 
2004 Mobile  AL  Assessment Practices in Foreign Language Education  Peggy Bilbro, AL
2003 Atlanta  GA  Models of Excellence in Second Language Education  Sharon Rapp, AR 
2002 Baton Rouge  LA  Cyberspace and Foreign Language: Making the Connection  Maurice Cherry, SC
2001 Myrtle Beach  SC   2001: The Odyssey Continues Carolyn Hansen, SC 
2000 Birmingham  AL  New Millennium New Directions 2000  David Alley, GA 
1999 Virginia Beach VA Connections Beyond the Foreign Language Classroom Susan Blankenship, AL
1998 Savannah GA Communications, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, Communities Kathy White, NC
1997 Myrtle Beach SC Addressing the STandards for Foreign Language Learning Kathy White, NC
1996 Mobile AL Global Access Through Language Anne Fountain, NC
1995 Charleston SC The Future Is Now Billie Edmonds, SC
1994 Savannah GA Changing Images in Foreign Language Billie Edmonds, SC
1993 Atlanta GA Foreign Language: Internationalizing the Future Robert Terry, VA
1992 Atlanta GA [1992-93 conference same]
Billie Edmonds, SC
1991 Research Triangle NC Making a World of Difference
Rosalie Cheatham, AR
1990 Nashville TN Acting of Priorities: A Commitment of Excellence Wayne Figart, NC
1989 Little Rock AR Languages: Perspective and Horizons Paula Fordham, SC
1988 Charleston SC Language in Action: Theory and Practice John Austin, GA
1987 Atlanta GA New Challenges and Opportunities Robin Snyder, WV
1986 Orlando FL Planning for Proficiency Christa Kirby, FL
1985 Atlanta GA Perspectives on Proficiency Frank W Medley, Jr., SC
1984 Birmingham AL Expanding Horizons: Business and Industry William Holdbrooks, AL
1983 New Orleans LA Shrinking World/Expanding Horizons William Holdbrooks, AL
1982 Richmond VA Foreign Language Teaching: Is the Present Perfect? Martha McClure, GA and Howard Altman, KY
1981 Atlanta GA Foreign Language Teaching: Building on Our Successes Jack Brown, MS
1980 Charleston SC Progress: Promise Caro Feagin, GA
1979 Atlanta GA ACTFL/SCOLT: Unity in Diversity William Heflin, TN
1978 San Antonio TX Ahead to What? Second Language Learning is Still Basic Frederick Jenks, FL
1977 Orlando FL The New South: An Expanding Center of Language Study Mary Metz, LA
1976 Atlanta GA Language: Our Richest Heritage Max Gartman, AL
1975 New Orleans LA Lifelong Language Learning Joanna Crane, AL
1974 Atlanta GA Looking Ahead Genelle Morain, GA
1973 Memphis TN Four Billion: A World of Differents Joseph Michel, TX
1972 Atlanta GA Dimension: Languages 1972 Gail Hutchinson, GA
1971 Atlanta GA A World Without Walls George W Wilkins, Jr.
1970 Jacksonville FL Languages '70 Unknown
1969 Atlanta GA What is a Language Teacher? Carl S. Pond
1968 New Orleans LA Motivation and Language Learning Oscar Bonner, GA
1967 Atlanta GA Languages '67 Louis Chatagnier, GA
1966 Atlanta GA Languages '66 Louis Chatagnier, GA
1965 Atlanta GA Languages '65 Louis Chatagnier, GA
1964 Atlanta GA Formation of the Organization Louis Chatagnier, GA

1966 Preface:
In reality, most of the work of the organization for the first three conferences was done by Louis Chatagnier, who had the orgiinal idea for the Conference, as chairman, by Herman Bostick, who was secretary for the 1965 and 1966 conferences, and by Oscar Bonner, who served as secretary for the 1967 conference.

Louis Chatagnier, Huguette Chatagnier-Kiser, Oscar Haac, Benjamin F. Hudson, Elisabeth Epting, Stanford Newell and Herman Bostick

The first Southern Conference on Language Teaching acquainted teachers and administrators from the elementary through college levels with modern techniques of foreign language teaching. The program provided lectures, work-study sessions, demonstration classes, films, and exhibits of equipment. The first report included the following articles: 1) Language Teaching: Concepts, Problems, Opportunities; 2) New Challenges in Foreign Languages; 3) The Role of the Foreign Language Supervisor; 4) Language Reinforcement Drills; 5) The Electronic Classroom; 6) Foreign Languages in Elementary Schools; 7) Foreign Languages in Secondary Schools; 8) Evaluation of Language Learning Through Testing; 9) The MLA Foreign Language Tests; and 10) Overview. A copy of the program, a listing of members of the steering and advisory committees and directories of visiting consultants and exhibitors complete the report.