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We are currently seeking articles for submission to Dimension.

Editor, Dr. Paula Garrett-Rucks (Georgia State University)

SCOLT acknowledges the work of the Dimension editorial review board and thanks them for their service to the profession. Click here to see a list of current editorial review board members.

SCOLT 2018 Call for Papers: SCOLT is pleased to announce a Special Issue for 2018: Focus on Social Justice and Critical Pedagogy with co-editors Dr. Paula Garrett-Rucks (Georgia State University) and Dr. Stacey Margarita Johnson (Vanderbilt University)

More about the 2018 Special Issue: In light of growing momentum in the field around social justice themes, this Special Issue is intended to explore the ways in which power, inequity, and community participation are addressed in and through language learning.

In imagining the scope of this volume, we draw on works such as Osborn's (2006) Teaching World Language for Social Justice and Norton and Toohey's (2004) Critical Pedagogies and Language Learning, and embrace more recent contributions such as Glynn, Wesely, and Wassell's (2015) Words and Actions: Teaching Languages Through the Lens of Social Justice. For this issue of Dimension, we welcome submissions that focus on the teaching, learning, and/or assessment of social justice and critical pedagogy including topics such as transformative learning, problem-based learning, critically reflective practice, community engagement, experiential and service learning, critical language awareness, critical multi-literacies, issues of access and  resources, emancipatory pedagogy, among other humanitarian topics in language learning. Also welcome are submissions that deal with language teacher development and continuing professional education in these emerging topics. Submissions exploring theoretical and development models or providing empirical evidence of best teaching practices will be prioritized, as will submissions received by the July 1st, 2017 deadline.

All pertinent information for preparing articles for Dimension can be found below:

2017 Dimension volume published on 3/15/2017

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